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Close-up of bacon wrapped smokies on a serving dish

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These Bacon Wrapped Smokies are the perfect game day appetizer. Whether you choose the original bacon wrapped smokies with brown sugar or shake things up by adding some pineapple or jalapeno slices, you can’t go wrong with this easy cocktail weiner recipe!

Close-up of bacon wrapped smokies on a serving dish

Easy Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

If you’re looking for an appetizer for your upcoming Super Bowl party or holiday gathering, you can’t go wrong with bacon wrapped cocktail weiners. They’re a popular recipe that you’ve probably enjoyed at a party or two before, but I decided to kick them up a notch!

I offer you three versions. The original Bacon Wrapped Smokies recipe calls for just 3 ingredients – beef cocktail weiners, bacon, and brown sugar. The oven’s low heat transforms this combination into the most amazing little bites of savory + sweet. In other words, bacon grease works its magic!

Then I played around with some heat, adding slices of fresh jalapeno pepper to the bacon wrapped smokies. This time I spooned on some peach jam, instead of brown sugar. It’s a winning combo – and if you like the heat, I definitely recommend adding larger slices of jalapeno for more hot pepper bite.

The overall favorite for our family is definitely the bacon wrapped smokies speared with a piece of fresh pineapple. Topped with a brown sugar mixture that is simply spiced with chili powder and cumin, these babies are fabulously flavorful!

Your Super Bowl party is begging for this appetizer. Which version will be YOUR favorite?!

Close-up of bacon wrapped smokies with pineapple

Have you ever seen bacon wrapped smokies look so beautiful?! 🙂

Ingredients to make bacon wrapped smokies

What You’ll Need

Each version of these little smokies starts with cocktail weiners and bacon, and includes just a slight variation for some super fun flavor combinations!

For the regular bacon wrapped smokies with brown sugar:

  • Beef cocktail weiners – I really like the Ambassador brand of beef smokies smoked sausages with natural casings, but you can also use the Hillshire Farms Lit’l Smokies or your own favorite brand.
  • Bacon – Be sure to use regular sliced bacon, not thick-sliced. Cut each slice into thirds.
  • Brown sugar – The brown sugar caramelizes in the oven, making these the most addictive sweet & savory treat!
Ingredients to make bacon wrapped smokies with pineapple

For the bacon wrapped smokies with pineapple:

  • Beef cocktail weiners
  • Bacon
  • Pineapple – Fresh pineapple pieces are extra wonderful in this recipe. I do not recommend canned pineapple, but use it if you must.  
  • Brown sugar
  • Chili powder & cumin – Adds just a little bit of heat and delicious flavor, to complement the sweet pineapple and brown sugar.
Ingredients for bacon wrapped smokies with pineapple

For the bacon wrapped smokies with jalapeno and peach jam:

  • Beef cocktail weiners
  • Bacon
  • Jalapeno pieces – Use fresh jalapenos for this version. Larger slices will give the snack more heat, so cut the pieces according to your preference!
  • Jam – Use either peach or apricot jam, both work just fine.

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